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First Impressions of the PlayStation VR2

I’ve been waiting for the PlayStation VR2 since it was announced, and it’s finally here.

Inside the box are two controllers, a pair of stereo earbuds, and a redesigned headset with two 120-hertz OLED displays packed inside and cameras that can track your eye movements.

Because it connects to the PS5 with a 15-foot-long USB-C cable, graphics in games like Horizon Call of the Mountain look incredible.

But the game I’ve been playing the most is Gran Turismo 7.

The controllers also have the same adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback features that come with the PS5’s DualSense. 

But while the PSVR2 is impressive, its $550 price tag is steep compared to its competition and costs more than the PS5 itself.

But if you can get past the price, the PSVR2 is an excellent upgrade for anyone who liked the original or PS5 owners who want to try out virtual reality for the first time.